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  • What is Glaucoma

    What is Glaucoma

    You can’t feel it, but this disease damages your optic nerve. You may not have any symptoms until you lose your central vision. Your side vision will go first. That’s... Continue reading

  • Nearsightedness: What Happens

    Nearsightedness: What Happens

    The cause is usually an eyeball that is too long. Or it can result from an oddly-shaped cornea or lens. Light rays focus just in front of the retina, instead... Continue reading

  • out of focus dictionary with hand holding a glasses that correct the vision

    Nearsightedness & Farsightedness

    Nearsightedness (Myopia) When you’re nearsighted, things in the distance look blurry. Doctors call it myopia. You’re more likely to have it if: One or both of your parents have itYou... Continue reading

  • Astigmatism


    If you have astigmatism in one or both eyes, your vision may be out of focus at any distance. It happens when the cornea, the clear “window” that covers the... Continue reading

  • Glaucoma: What Happens

    Glaucoma: What Happens

    Your eye is filled with fluid. Sometimes too much of it builds up and raises pressure inside your eye. This can damage your optic nerve, a bundle of nerve fibers... Continue reading

  • out of focus dictionary with hand holding a glasses that correct the vision


    Trouble reading fine print is a sign of aging. It’s called presbyopia, which means “old eye” in Greek. Most people start to notice it in their 40s The eyes’ lenses... Continue reading

  • Refractive Eye Surgery

    Refractive Eye Surgery

    Do you dream of seeing clearly without glasses? Surgery to reshape your cornea can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism with a success rate of better than 90%. Surgery may not... Continue reading

  • Diabetic Retinopathy: What Happens

    Diabetic Retinopathy: What Happens

    High blood sugar levels damage the tiny blood vessels that support your retina. They can swell, break, and leak fluid. Sometimes dozens of new, abnormal blood vessels grow. This is... Continue reading

  • Cataracts: What Happens

    Cataracts: What Happens

    A healthy lens focuses light into a single spot on your retina. It captures the image like film in a camera. As you age, protein builds up in the lens.... Continue reading

  • Tears and Dry Eye

    Tears and Dry Eye

    Tears keep your eyes moist. Sometimes you don’t have enough, either from dry air, aging, or other health conditions. Your eyes can get painful and irritated. Eye drops labeled artificial... Continue reading