We would like to inform you that UoN Eye Centre has resumed operations. Eye Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and is run professionally by highly qualified ophthalmologists with sub-specialty training in various areas of eye care. The Eye Centre IGU offer services such as; Cornea and Anterior segment, Pediatrics Ophthalmology, Orbit and Oculoplastic, Glaucoma assessment and treatment, Trabeculectomy/Trabeculotomy, Laser Retina and Investigations.

UoN Eye Centre has also expanded to offering Optical & Glass Dispensation services including correcting all Refraction Errors & offering quality Spectacles Frames & Lenses. Please call 020491519 or 0745563240 to book for an appointment.

Eye wellness Clinic
From ksh1000 session
Executive clinic
From ksh2000 Session
Optician Check up
From ksh500 session
Glaucoma Clinic
From ksh1000 session
Fromksh0 session

Include visual acuity tests, visual field assessment, colour vision test, stereopsis tests, biometry, A and B-scan ultrasound, Fluoresceine angiography, topography.

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Includes post segment assessment and treatment using intravitreal injections, Retinal Laser among others

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 Includes Glaucoma assessment and treatment. Trabeculectomy/Trabeculotomy, Ahmed valve implantation, Cryophotocoagulation (CPC), laser trabeculoplasty, Laser peripheral Iridotomy among others

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Orbit and Oculoplasty

 Includes lid defect surgery, Periocular cosmetic surgery, prosthesis fitting

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paediatric Ophthalmology

 This includes Squint/ Orthoptic assessment, Squint surgery, Refraction among others

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